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Sunday, March 30, 2008


hey hey.. finally i'm back... it has been a loooooooonnnnnnnnngggggg time since I have last blogged.... I'm so sorry for been MIA for such a long time... really have been v v busy these few months... and for the pics as i promised.. so sorry, haven uploaded yet.. coz i'm still waiting for my stupid husband to dl for me as all pics were downloaded at his laptop and wat's in the camera have all been deleted (due to too much pics, nt enough memory so was forced to deleted when we're still in the midst of the trip).. will upload my ROM pics and my Korea trip soon... paiseh lah... hehe

alrite, so wat have happened these few months??
let me start recap month by month....


biggest event of my life - my ROM.. think tat's where I stop as my last posting.. hee... will upload the pics soon...


went to Korea for christmas.. have been in my wishlist since 2006... hehe... it was a wonderful n fruitful trip.. we went to jeju, pusan, seoul, yongping etc.... learnt more about korea and their history... i encourgage all of u should go and visit this country.. is really a beautiful and clean country... i shall elaborate more abt this trip while I upload the pics...


Veron's Hens Party - 12 Jan 08 till 13 Jan 08

as she is the 1st of our gang who got marry.. definitely must give her a little surprise and something that she remember, right... so I am given the job to receive her at vivo and bring her for pampering pedi and mani session at Vivo - The liquoar room (if I din spell wrongly, hee) as My cousin is a manger there, so able to get some discounts...hehe.. i myself also did a pedi to pamper my tiring feets esp just back from korea...hehe

next we headed to sentosa for 2nd mission... we met up with meiyan, vreniz & liting there.. whereby veron is given task for a treasure hunt... she needs to search part of the palawan beach for the treasure... well, she can get hints from us, however, tat's at the expense of taking pics with handsome guys.. lol

she's v sporting and eventually she found the treasure and tat is - a sexy lingerie..wooho... wheeeWeee...lol... then we went for dinner at sakae sushi...

then we blind-folded her to next destination... a hotel at bugis... whereby is already decorated with balloons by the girls... then we prepared something happening and wild for the nite.. as when we reach the hotel, is only 8pm... the nite is still young... lol...

the rest is all sensored*** cannot say much... wat i can say is... fruitful and wild nite... drooling.... surlp..... haha

Liting's birthday - 14 Jan 08

celebrated LT's bday in office... we went to Jack's place for lunch and follow by cake cutting session during tea break... and tat's not the end.. after work, we headed to Cityhall to meet up with the gals - Veron, Vreniz, Meiyan & LT's sis - LiFen for dinner at mind's cafe...

we played 2 games while waiting for our fod.. 1) a police bang bang bang game.. rating 3*/5*.. soso lah... i enjoyed more of another game.. 2) each of us takes a card and we hav to keep talking and make the others say the word of the card... whoever say out the word, the card will be pass to her.. at the end of the game, whoever took more cards, is the biggest loser.. haha... overall rating 4*/5*... the winner of the game is Lifen as she is v shy and din talk much so of course, din hav the chance to 'collect' cards from us...haha.. and the biggest loser is Vreniz and Veron.. haha

last but not least - let me wish LT once more - Happy Birthday~! all the best in watever she do.. esp in her study and career...

Vreniz Birthday - 17 Jan 08

we went for dinner at millenium walk... is really great to see all gals again, peishan was there too.. I'm really glad to see her as her schedule are v tight and always on the move.. flying around the world... i forgotten wat's the restuarant name.. i think is 'noodle bar' if i'm nt wrong.. is opposite of the conrad hotel... but their food is really nice and affordable too.... they serve mostly is jap and korea cusine...later we went for coffee cum gossip session at starbucks...

Again - happy birthday to Vreniz... hope she can find her Mr right soon... and establish her dream ASAP....

Birthday Gal - Vreniz & Me

With the gals

Eugene & Veron's big day
27 Jan 08 - Day event of their wedding

we reached at veron hse at abt 7.30am an start on the preparation works such as making - bittergound juice, washing chili padi, making lime cubes, making sugar syrup for the 'sour, sweet, bitter, spicy' session... and plucking hair from all the jiemei, getting 'kiss' from all the jiemei for the Q&A session...

the groom arrived late.. much later than the planning.. so we have no choice but to eliminate a huge part of the games... upon their arrival, we started off with 'sour, sweet, bitter, spicy' session... so shiok to see their expression.. lol... then next is getting ang baos for entering... then seeing them entering the door through a hula-hoop... of course, is not so easy to let them pass rite.. coz is rather packed at the corridor, so we need to let them in and continue with the games... so what should be the next?

is the Q&A sessions... so what is the forfite then if the groom answer wrongly? is..... yoga pose.. hey hey creative enough? and of course it will be 'easy' pose lah... haha

then next is limbo rock to the living room... but tat's not the end... the groom needs to dance a sexy exotic dance in order to let the bride to open the door... and follow by 'love confession' wereby the groom needs to write down 10 reasons of why he love the bride.. and... this needs to be acknowledged and accepted by the bride.... after this, the bride opened the door... and ta ta... the groom kiss the bride... muackz....

then headed to their house as the groom's mom is waiting down there for the couple... tea ceremony and then headed back to bride's hse for another round of tea ceremony and we are dismissed after that...

Vreniz and Me

Liting and Me

The bride - Veron and Me

Jie Mei and the pretty bride

28 Jan 08 - Dinner of their wedding

get early time off from office and headed to veron's hotel - Holiday Inn Hotel... we went there to prepare for the nite.. dress up and make-up.. then helped her as each of the jiemei was given a task and I am supposed to help her with the reception...

the whole dinner was great.. the food is v nice too.. and most importantly, i have witnessed the important part of my bubby's life - her beautiful wedding.. and I am really glad for her that she have found her life partner whereby he will be there to support her decisions and love her always...

all the best to the newly wedded couple and hopefully their 'B project' can be completed ASAP...hee...


Happy CNY~! this yr CNY I'm not in s'pore... anyway is still an unforgettable one... =) cheerz...

** continue on next posting

Sorry for no updates for past few weeks
Saturday, December 1, 2007

Sorry for no updates for past few weeks

i know i'm supposed to upload my rom pics as promised..
however there are alot of things that happened in these few weeks.. will try to upload soon.. please bear with me.. my apologies...

Our precious moment - 11 Nov 07
Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Our precious moment - 11 Nov 07

after long period of planning.. finally the day has come... we woke up early in the morning, abt 7.30am... then to prepare, bathe and pack all necessary stuffs to hotel... Hubby came to pick me up at 9am... Vreniz and Liting were early birds too.. as Vreniz is my MUA and Liting wanna join us for the 'morning session' lol.. we meet them at my hse downstairs and we travelled tog down to Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel...

Upon arrival, we passed our car to valet for parking and took all our barangs out... we then went to check in our day use room... 1718.. is a nice suite.. immed when we get in, we begin with our 'makeup' session... while hubby went to oriole and canary room to make sure the settings are ok.. as in flower arrangement, table arrangement etc etc....

then hubby came up with the hand bouquet... omg.. is totally different with what i have ordered.. i so angry.. i asked hubby to called june florist.. this june florist customer service is so poor... they claimed that coz is the season yet, so some of flowers no stock so they changed it themselves, then they sld called the customer and let us know 1st mah.. alemak.. in the end the ladyboss sent her staff down to our room to amend...

the hand bouquet we ordered

the hand bouquet they delivered

after so-called amendment

the whole makeup session ended at ard 11.20am then follow up by second session from Joyce and Clara (my hair stylist from Supercut) on my hairdo...

I get Veron and Liting's assistance to help me to take care of the reception area.. coz my hairdo is not finsh yet and Vreniz need to help me with final touch up... when my hairdo has finished, is already 12.20pm... wah piang, i really panick man... then quickly changed into my gown, wear on my accessories and faster go down with Vreniz...

alot of guests have arrived... if u asked my how am i feeling - i will say nervous and stressed man... coz is like stand here - weird weird, stand there also weird weird.. lol.. and today after keep hearing hubby and his family keep mentioned abt kerry (hubby's sis) 's bf, and today is the 1st time i saw him.... Mr Stephen Low.... v fit PE teacher at NJC... a dragonboat rower....

then when all guests arrived, we begin with the solemnization at oriole room... kan cheong man... bt i try not to turn ard and see the guests behind me, coz that will be v v stressed... so i focus and look at our our JP - Mr Tan Hock Hua... the whole ceremony, we sitted down.. he never ask us to stand up at all... and we skipped the last part "you may kiss the bride now" as Hubby is too shy.. lol...

after the ceremony, we hav a super big group photo of 70+ pax... lol.. then all the guests are invited to Canary room for buffet lunch... heard the food is not bad bt me and hubby were too busy that day, never eat much also.. i even miss out my favourite bread pudding...

after buffet lunch, we have some phototaking session with our guests and our guests eventually left the venue...

we then went out of the hotel with kent (our photographer) for couple outdoor shooting... by the time we reached hotel room is already 3.30pm and this room needs to be checked out by 4pm.. so we move all out stuffs to another room 1703 (gift room stay from my cousin - Elaine & Vivian -> Thanks)...

some pictures to share during that day (limited to what I have taken through my hp):

presents from our guests

view from our room

v tired after a long day.. we took a short nap then we went for dinner as both of us are super hungry... Hubby brought me to Mt Faber - The Jewel Box for dinner.. a romantic ambiance restaurant.. and the food is yummy... and they even hav a 'snow show' at 8pm... haha...

view from the restaurant

cod fish

dunno wat chicken

dessert - moven peak

"snow" behind me!

Christmas is coming!

after the dinner, we went for a cable car ride (To & Fore)... sounds romantic? haha...

view from cable car

after the ride, we went back to hotel and sleep.. exhausted day for us... bt a memorable and wonderful one and most importantly, a special one for us....

ps: more pics available when we get the pics out from Kent.. stay tune.. :)

Special Thanks to:

Mr Tan Hock Hua - Our JP
Ms Vreniz Neo - My MUA - I love the makeup that day
Ms Joyce & Clara (Supercut salon) - My Hairstylist
My buddies - for helping me to take care of reception area and gifts (with special svc of delivering the presents to our room)

All Guests - Your presence makes the session a completed one..

1 day before our solemnization
Saturday, November 10, 2007

1 day before our solemnization

in less than 24hrs, we will be pronounced as man & wife... kakaka so nervous.. haha..
i hope tml event will be a wonderful and memorable one..


ok.. gonna put on mask now.. will post up more pics after the event...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Remembered that day that i mentioned that i got a long post to share with you all.. i decided not to wait.. coz i also dunno when the time is ripe.. really bth her...so i decided to share with u guys now..

before i start --> just wanna to let her know that - 有因必有果,要至你于死地的人不是我们,而是那个将你所有秘密抖出的神秘人.. Retribution...why we know so much, is coz of yr good khaki...

Here's the post that day:

it is now 11 Oct 07 2.30am.. perhaps you may wonder why am i still awake.. bt i think i must record my feelings as at now... i am frustrated.. felt been betrayed and totally disappointed... and i mean absolutely disappointed... i really dun understand why there are such pple ard.. perhaps that's life... there are many kind of pples all around you.. and hypocrites are one of them... till today then i know you hated us so much and especially me.. i am like a barrier to you? and why did boss dislike you? why so-call troubles are been blamed on you? so you think you are such poor thing that have to work late? when i'm not in office, you have to shoulder my work? and pple favours me and not you? i think you have v serious attitude prob then..

1) if your boss dislike you, there bounds to be valid reasons.. instead of changing your attitude, you began to think the whole world is against you? whoever ask u questions, 99% ans is always - i dunno...
2) yes, i am on seminar yesterday.. and china colleagues called with regards to that document.. and i did get your assistance in this on 1) date the document 2) pass to ceo to sign.. is this v difficult? do you hav to bad-mouth me and tell the whole world that woah, this alicia not in, then this thing was passed to her 1 mth ago, now i hav to do.. damn shit man...

hey, search yr soul when u bad-mouthing pple.. you were away for 1 mth study leave.. who helped u that time? frankly i think i have already been 'ren jing yi jing' to you...in work, i have always been fair and neutral to you...
a) when u away, who helped u with yr LC? salary stuffs? etc.. and is dating the document and passing the document to CEO such difficult job that u have to complain?
b) when yr hire purchase entries cannot tie, who help u to resolve?
c) closing of accounts schedule normally is on the 12th.. why do i hav to rush by 10th? coz i wanna give u more time to do consol
d) why do i wan to write down yr mistakes? coz i wan u to learn from yr mistakes and prevent it in future...

and what do i get when i need yr assistance? from tat time that boss is on maternity leave.. u always so-called 'offer'.. bt how much did you help? i think u turn down every time.. we're a team and sld be working tog.. instead so, i can rem clearly, u leave me on urge last min.. nevertheless, i learn a lesson - 靠人不如靠自己

3) whenever you hav things for hod/ceo, always ask others to help u to pass to them.. coz u dun wanna face the responsibility..?? u scare of been questioned by them?

4) why do troubles get to you? did u asked yrself - did u do yr work properly? did u check yr work? if yes, y so many careless mistakes?

5) so u think u work till v cham... v late? bt i see u ok wat.. msning everyday... msn is ok.. take leave also ok.. as long as u can finish yr work on time, no prob with that... if u say u work late.. how late is yr late? 6 plus everyday? normally i am the last to leave our tat office eh.. after job scope changed, u so called busier.. bt did u need to work till 9 plus everyday? come back on sat and sun for closing? u did none for this and u have to cheek to say u're v busy and ask for extension... well said.. applauded for u...

and in personal, we did put in good words for u several times in front of boss - believe it or not... if not, i think u may be sacked long long time ago.. and nevertheless, no need to talk abt recent increment... i felt so stupid to help someone like you.. dumb me... wasted our efforts and our sympathy...

hey, come on, despite you like it or nt.. face it... no pain, no gain.. no such thing as enjoying the fruits without giving.. u hav to contribute.. is yr attitude that is going to harm you.. u have to take yr initiative in alot of areas..

to think how u did u revenge on us? nowadays yr lunch khaki is no longer us.. well, is ok with us that u wanna be with yr bf.. do u hav to sound so 'wei qu'? u are the one who abandon us.. nvm.. whenever we are so called alone.. to my surprise, u purposely always say initially u dunno wanna go out or not, then we still worry for yr health, and ask u wanna eat or not.. then u go out happily with yr partners and leave us eating maggi mee.. u hav never offer and ask us to join u.. is ok... nvm or u will say u dunno where that u guys are going for lunch and finding excuse to purposely dun wan to taobao for us? is ok.. we're not going to starve to death like this.. from this, it reflects how childish are u..

when boss is ard, only then u purposely stay to 'show' her.. and u dare to admit this...

and understand that, you hav mention that you dunno how to tahan till dec for aws...

with so much hatred and sour-eyed.. u still can put on a mask to face us everyday? oscar award sld be yrs then.. i really dun know hw to act in front of u like this.. if i dunno this incident, i may be continue to act neutral, after i knew all these incidents, too bad.. dun blame me for giving u cold shoulders.. coz u are not deserve as been a pal.. most impt i cannot be such a hypocrite as you to face u everyday with a mask... yi xiao ren zhi xin, du jun zhi zi fu.. u jolly well know what u have did to hurt us...

well, wat to conclude from this.. jealousy? red-eyed of others achievement? i try to convince myself that i must be good.. ahbo others won't think that i'm a threat to her..lol

i felt totally betrayed...好心被狗吃... anyway i have been 行的正,坐得直 .. what u wanna bad-mouthed, go ahead.. as long as i know what i'm doing right.. i will continue to do so.. for those who listen to her story and think that 3 vs 1 definitely the 1 is poor thing - nothing to say.. bt just wanna say.. to be fair, u sld listen to both side of story then...凡事都有两面,千万不要不分青红皂白愚昧的听偏面之词。。。 of course, sometimes i will feel like 哑巴吃黄莲,有理说不清。。。 but what to do, mouth is theirs, just let them say till they 'song' lor..

good luck to u.. with such low EQ and yr attitude, and always adding untrue facts to your words... u sld know where u can attain...

Photography Service
Monday, October 29, 2007

Photography Service

yuppie.. another thing done from my checklist.. we have finally confirmed out photographer.. and he is Kent (Portfolio can be view at http://www.foto-u.com/Wedding_Kent.html)

we met up with him on last thursday to view more of his portfolio.. not bad.. and our package is as follows:

Premium Solemnisation package @ $350.00For solemnisations held inside ROM premises on weekends or public holidays, or solemnisations held outside ROM premises, or Holy Matrimonies held in churches

* 3 hours photography coverage
* Unlimited digital capture
* All original images in CD return
* 1 piece of S8R (8" x 12") collage print
* 120 pieces of 4R prints with borders
* Deluxe midi wedding album with slip-in pockets

considered as expensive? i really dunno.. haha coz so far all the packages that I have checked out is ard this range or 4 digit sum (v extreme ends)... well, i guess is a simple and basic package bah... veron got a greater bargain from her photographer.. for full day photography also 350 bucks.. bt hers is without the printouts.. however, her photographer is not available on 11 nov 07.. so nvm lor..

hopefully our pics turn out nice and we can consider do a collage collection of 8R 18 pages hand-made album for another 300 bucks top-up..

read through amy's blog and come across a interesting test:

Try this...

First, identify yourself as right or left brain person:
1. Hold your hands together, as if you were praying.

Look at your hands.
If you see
Left thumb is below the right thumb ---> left brain

Right thumb is below the left thumb ---> right brain

2. Fold your arms in front of you (as if you are angry)
Right arm above left arm ---> left brain

Left arm above right arm ---> right brain

Based on 1+2 (order important), below is the interpretation of your personality:

Considerate, traditional, indirect type can instinctively read other's emotion, and respond friendly by natures. Although not very into taking initiatives in moving forward, but this person will always take a step back in supporting others. Stable personality and considerate, give others a being protected feeling. But the weakness is they cannot say no; regardless how unwilling they are, they will take care of others.

Loves challenges type Straightforward. Once they decided on one thing, will take action right away. Very curious, and love challenges. Dare to face dangers without thinking through (sometimes foolishly). Their weakness is they don't listen to others, will filter in only what whey want to hear in a conversation, and very subjective. However, because of their straightforward attitude, they tend to be fairly popular.

Left-Left :
Dedicated, cold, perfectionist Very logical in all aspects. The only way to defeat (or win over) him/her is through reasons. Has a lot of prides, and feeling strongly about doing the right thing. If they are your friends, they are very trustworthy. However, if they are your opponents, they will be very tough to deal with. Because they can be very 'anal' as a perfectionist, they usually leave a bad impression of being hard to deal with when first met.

Left-Right :
Likes to take care of others, leader type Has a cool and keen observation ability to see through situations, yet still can be considerate in others needs. Because of their cool and calm nature, and strong sense of responsibility, they tend to become head of a group. Popular among people. However, they may not be able to help themselves in meddling because they want to take care of others too much. Very concerned about how others view them, and always on alert.

I am left-left -> in orange font... haha.. is fun and i feel quite true to me.. keke...

Makan @ JuJu Restaurant
Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Makan @ JuJu Restaurant on 21 Oct 2007

hubby come to fetch us in the morning.. we headed to our new hse to let my family see my future hm.. hubby, my bro and my sis even went to the gym to hav a short workout! alemak.. the sales guy still ask us - how's the gym... aiyo, so paiseh...

we even went into the ktv room.. the sound system is fantastic.. is our 1st time to go in there also.. coz the is always locked previously when we visited there..

then after viewing all the show flats, we left there for makan...initially we plan to bring my family to marina square the 'Imperial kitchen' to makan.. i like their xiao long bao and lang mee...

bt we change to juju restaurant last min as my mom choose to go for this instead...

juju restaurant is related to the tao's restaurant.. it is located at paradiz centre there.. the food that they serve is actually Japanese style steamboat... they called it Hokkaido hot pot... bt the way they presented the food makes it so yummy.. and indeed, not bad.. this is the 2nd time that i have visited there..

here are some pics to share...

our appetiser - 75% boiled egg

Hubby's beef platter

Mummy's seafood platter

Bro's chicken platter

My fish platter (ps: my sis also eating fish platter)

my dessert - Mango Sago

My sweet family members.. bro, mom & sis

After makan, my mom, sis & bro went for shopping at bugis junction, whereas me and hubby went to suntec to find our invitation cards for our guests.. we found one that is v nice. however, only left with 1 packet of 10 pieces only.. tat's not enough..

so we headed to orchard instead.. we managed to some v nice designs at taka.. however, again the one we like best is left with 1 packet of 10 pieces also.. so we choose another design instead.. finally, we bought the cards for our guests liao...

we then headed to daniel yam again, as i dunno how to tied the ribbon of my gown.. haha.. so go there and get the sales gal to teach me.. then we went to far east to collect hubby's pants.. done~! now is all ready for dry clean...

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